Long Time


Oh my Gods.

Firstly, I am sososososo sorry for not posting until now – I’ve been very busy with my other WordPress account (and blog) lately (I know some of you follow my stories on it – my screen name is Rose MorningMist over there, in that blogging community far, far away XP)

Anyways, I have been meaning to post for a while, but never really got around to it, so I promise I’ll try to post more frequently from now on.

Secondly, I’m really ticked right now, because OUAT has been back for nearly a full month and I still haven’t watched A STINGLE EPISODE OF 5B. I am literally DYING here. 😦

So no recap on 5B so far from me (yet). 😛

Now that I’ve gotten those two facts out of the way, I thought I’d tough base on one of my other fandoms that started airing recently: Scorpion.

This isn’t one of my major fandoms, but I do love the show. I’m currently viewing season 3 on TV at the moment – so excited 😀

Basically this show follows the life of Walter O’Brain, who has one of the highest IQ’s known. He and his team of geniuses Scorpion are hired by people to solve problems. Usually very stressful problems. And although the team are all geniuses, they aren’t very good with emotions or people skills, which makes it quite hilarious at times XD

I really loved season 1 and 2, but I have to say, the season three premiere was a little too central around the ships. I mean, I love my ships, but if an episode is too focused on the romance side of things, I tend to like it less. I’m not really into full on romance novels, TV shows, movies – you get the picture.

The one thing I’d like to know is: What are our Scorpion ship names? If anyone knows, please tell me in the comments – I really want to find out. 🙂

Well, that’s it for now. I’m sorry this post was basically about nothing really all that interesting, but it’s all I’m writing for now. Sorry ’bout that 😛

‘Till next time,

– Chocoholic77 ❤


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