3×04 Devils You Know

Spoilers for Agents of Shield 3×04 Devils You Know.


Do you see the beautiful people above? Do you remember two of them dying?

Do you remember wanting to know what that email said?? I do.

So the third time I watched it, I paused it. It took me around fifteen minutes to decipher and type down the entire email, but it was worth every painful moment.

The email read:

If you’re getting this email, you’re one of us. And if you’re one of us you’re being hunted.


Like you, I was at Afterlife. Until the end when it was destroyed. And we’ve been fractured ever since. We have to rebuild what was taken from us – a place where we can be safe. Now more than ever, we need each other.


I’ve lost friends and I’m sure you have too. We need a place to go and a leader to guide us. And I’m hoping you’ll help us.


Please respond to this email and let me know that you are out there. If you reply, it will be a first step in bringing our people together again.


Please… keep this message a secret. You can’t trust anyone.


A friend.


Till next time!


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