The Pain of Year 10

My day was a majestic piece of crap.

All the devils of hell conspired against me today, in a wicked, evil, malicious way.


Picture this in your mind; I am peaceful, yeah, I know unlikely. Shut up.

My friend finds this peaceful setting the perfect place to announce to me that she shall henceforth and forevermore, not attend our youth group. (Which, by the way, I started going to at her request).


My English teacher dislikes me with such fiery passions Lucifer himself would be proud. I was showing her my work (which was displeasing her) and she kept getting annoyed at me, saying “what’s funny?!” when in reality I was not laughing, or even stifling laughter. She also told me I didn’t need to keep looking at my friend all the time. In all fairness, I looked in my friends general direction, but did not actually look at her.


Science. Ugh. My teacher spent almost the entire lesson yelling at the class. To be fair, most of the class was being really stupid and immature. The girl I sit next to was being rude and sassy and also hates me, (surprise, surprise!) because I wouldn’t let her copy my work. She didn’t even ask for help (perhaps then I would have consented), but instead just wanted to copy. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


A substitute. Usually a good thing, right? Right. But not today. The substitute is nice enough, friendly and doesn’t make us do too much work. But when we have substitutes, we also forget we have seating plans. Not a great thing for you if you’ve no friends in your history class. Poor lonely me. (Plus side, I did get to listen to YouTube as I worked).

Let’s just say, I really hope the rest of my day is less painful, and I really really hope that when I get a job, I enjoy it more than I enjoy school.

Probably no one read all that ^, but if you did, sorry. Just needed to vent a little.

Till next time!


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