My Current Reading Dilemma

I loved The 5th Wave with all of my heart and soul. Just putting that out there.

I’m currently reading The Infinite Sea, as mentioned in a previous post. I started reading this novel approximately five days ago, and I am no closer to finishing than I was four days ago.

I began reading this novel expecting to be able to dive deep into its world like I did The 5th Wave both times I read it, but I cannot. I read The 5th Wave for the first time probably about a year or two ago, and I searched high and low for The Infinite Sea in every crevice of the world I set foot in, to no avail.

Last Christmas I received The 5th Wave and The Infinite Sea as a gift from my parents, who knew how eagerly I had searched. I too, was ecstatic to be gifted with the novels.

I read The 5th Wave again to refresh my memory, before attempting to delve in The Infinite Sea. I simply could not.

I may have waited too long, and that is what aggravates me most. Myself. If only I had found the novel sooner, perhaps I could have lived in that world for a much longer time. I am moving through The Infinite Sea at snail pace, and haven’t picked it up for several days.

While The 5th Wave was an extraordinary novel, one of my favourites, I can’t read The Infinite Sea.

I will, of course, attempt to persevere, (particularly with The Last Star coming out soon), but if it is too difficult I’ll simply put it down, to be picked up again possibly years later.

There are a lot of books out there that I want to read, I thought The Infinite Sea was one of them, but if I’m wrong and it’s not, I won’t waste my time with reading it.

(Even though the previous novel is amazing, and the thought of not continuing in the world burns me like a fire raging deep inside).

Till next time!


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