My books of 2015

I have managed to read 88 entire books this year, and I only gave up on five books!! I definitely consider this an accomplishment. Hopefully I will finish the book I am currently reading and it’s (tiny) sequel before 2016!! Will definitely update this on the first of January for my final numbers of My Books of 2015. I surpassed my goal of 50 books!! Really happy. 🙂

Till next time.



I know I haven’t been that active… sorry. This is my first time having a blog and it’s very new to me. I promise I will be a lot more active next year. Some time in the next few days I will be posting how many books I have read this year, and hopefully I have reached my goal of fifty books.


Hi (again)

Okay I’ll tell you a little about myself cause my last post was just reaaaally short. Soooo I’m majorly into reading, quotes and writing stories, and I love english, music and ancient history. Basically, this blog will be used for my book and tv show reviews, and I might post some of my stories, maybe. I’ll also just post random things every now and again. Soo yeaahhh, that’s the plan anyway.

Till next time!